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Tenancy Hardship Grant

This grant from Welsh Government is open for applications and it is to help people who have rent arrears because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  You do not need to be claiming benefits to qualify for this grant and you will not need to pay this back.

Help for tenants in rent arrears

Help is available for all tenants struggling with their rent, whether they are in receipt of benefits or not, including Housing Association tenants, Council tenants and those renting from a private landlord.

Are you struggling to pay for food, fuel and repairs?

The Together for Cardiff Discretionary Emergency Fund has been launched to support those most in need.

Are you struggling to pay your rent?

Extra help is available for people who are already receiving Universal Credit with Housing costs, or Housing Benefit, and cannot afford to pay the difference between their benefit and their full rent.

Cooking on a budget? Need some new ideas?

Cardiff Council’s Adult Learning Team have created simple recipes you can follow at home using low cost ingredients you might already have, or similar to those found in boxes supplied by Foodbanks. You can find details of their You Tube Channel here.

Self-Isolation Support Payments (SISP)

The Self Isolation Support Payments (SISP) scheme has been extended to included parents/ carers of children told to self-isolate by NHS Wales Test, Trace Protect service (TTP).