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We can help you reduce and manage multiple sources of debt. We will assess your situation and offer you tailored advice and recommendations, applying for relevant schemes on your behalf to help reduce your expenditure.

It is important that you use any extra money you have to clear priority debts, as this type of debt will result in more serious action being taken in the event of non-payment.

What are Priority and Non-Priority debts?

When you are on a limited budget and bills keep coming in, it can be hard to decide who to pay first. A simple way to do this is to see if they are priority or non-priority debts.

What is the difference?

A priority debt is one that will have the most serious effect on you and your family if you don’t pay it. Debts and the additional charges that are added when you miss payments can quickly increase.

If you are struggling to pay any bill, you should always keep in touch with the company you owe money to as they usually have ways of helping- especially if you speak to them as soon as you start to struggle.


Priority Debt
Priority Debt What is the worst that can happen?
Rent and Rent arrears Eviction from your home
Mortgage/ secured loan Eviction from your home
Ground rent and leasehold charges Loss of lease and repossession by freeholder
Unpaid magistrates court fine Imprisonment
Council tax arrears Attachment of earnings/Enforcement agents
Gas/electricity arrears Disconnection
Unpaid income tax/National Insurance Bankruptcy
Hire purchase arrears/Logbook loan Repossession of goods
Tax credits overpayment Enforcement agents who can take control of goods
Benefit overpayments (if still in receipt) Deductions from ongoing benefits or use enforcement agents
Non-payment of TV licence Magistrates court fine
Child Maintenance  (non-payment) Imprisonment
Penalty Charge Notices (council) Enforcement agents who can take control of goods


Non Priority debt
Non Priority debt What is the worst that can happen?
Credit Cards Credit rating can be affected and can make it harder to obtain credit

After 3 to 6 missed payments creditor may issue default notice which can affect credit for up to 6 years

Once account defaulted then creditors will usually pass debt to multiple debt collectors.

Creditors may decide to apply to the court to start money claim, which can result in County Court Judgement or CCJ being registered against you

Once CCJ is registered  and, goes into default the creditor can apply back to court to enforce judgement.

Enforcement could be attachment of earnings order, charging order, warrant of control, third party debt order or bankruptcy etc.

It would depend on the amount of debt owed whether charging order or bankruptcy could be applied for against you


Unsecured Loans
Payday Loans
Store Cards
Water debt
Mortgage shortfall
Private parking tickets
Personal debts to family/friends Usually there are no official ways family and friends can make you repay any informal loans


Budget Sheet

Use the Budget Sheet to work out how much money you have coming in and what you are spending it on.

How we can help

We can help you in many different ways, from helping you arrange payments of council tax debt, to applying for grants, discounts and other schemes to reduce debt and increase your income.

Contact the Advice Line on 02920 871 071 or visit one of our Hubs for more information on how we can help.

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Money Advice Line 02920 871 071

Other assistance available

If the Money Advice Team identify debts of a significant amount, then they will refer you to one of our partner organisations, such as Citizens Advice. They can offer appointments and specialised help to help you deal with both Priority and Non priority debt, together.

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